Ben Affleck called the premiere of “Ether” the “most important night” of his professional life

Ben Affleck has shown the world premiere of his new film Air Saturday at the South by Southwest Film and Television Festival in Austin. It was obvious how bad it was Hunting with good intentions the actor wanted the project to be successful.

“Tonight is the most important night of my professional life,” Affleck said on stage.

“This is an optimistic, hopeful film about people. Therefore, I cannot hide the fact that I am the author – [as if to say] “You don’t have to understand my movie.” I hope you like it … So there’s no pressure, but it’s all on you.”

Affleck not only directs, but also stars Airit describes Nike’s creation of the Air Jordan shoe line.

Air The cast includes Matt Damon as the Nike executive who brokered Michael Jordan’s sneaker deal. Affleck plays Nike CEO Phil Knight. The film also stars Viola Davis, Jason Bateman, Marlon Wayans, Chris Tucker and Chris Messina.

Longtime friend and colleague Matt Damon called her role in the film “the greatest work I’ve ever done.”

“I came every day and there were five or seven [script] It was so funny to play opposite actors like that,” Damon said. “I’ve never had more fun. Ben and I – from the moment we read [Alex Convery’s] we took the script all the way to the final cut we did in editing – it was just a joy.”

Actress Viola Davis, who called Affleck “the best actor I’ve ever seen,” also spoke about what playing Jordan’s mother means to her.

“Deloris and my mother were born into a generation of people whose children dreamed. This is the height of Jim Crow. This is the height of black people saying their dreams don’t matter. For now, the fact that she has such a great view of her son and believes in him wholeheartedly is a wonderful thing. It was an honor to play Delorist.”

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