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Last updated time: 19 March 2023 12:30 IST

Himachal Pradesh to be first state to introduce NEP in colleges from current academic session (Representative image)

Without proper administration and infrastructure, NEP cannot be implemented from this session, said HGCTA general secretary R.L. Sharma

In order to implement the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 in Himachal Pradesh, there is an urgent need to recruit 500 more professors in colleges, said delegates from the hill state, who attended an academic conference in Haryana Kurukshetra.

The office bearers of Himachal Pradesh Government College Teachers Association (HGCTA) who are participating in the 32nd Academic Conference organized by All India Federation of University and College Teachers’ Organizations (AIFUCTO) said in a notification issued here on Saturday. , out of 133 colleges in the state, about 100 do not have permanent principals, 50 colleges operate in private premises and about 30 have two or three professors.

Announcing that Himachal Pradesh will be the first state to implement NEP in colleges from the current academic session, HGCTA General Secretary R.L. Sharma warned that the policy could be implemented hastily without the necessary infrastructure and sufficient number of teachers. to be disastrous.

Without proper administration and infrastructure, NEP cannot be implemented from this session, Sharma said, stressing that there is a need for dialogue and discussion between teachers and politicians to identify the pros and cons of the policy before implementing it.

Delegates to the conference from across the country expressed serious concern about the “attack” on higher education from “all corners”. The University Grants Commission (UGC) issues notifications for conducting seminars on topics that are “unrealistic and illogical”.

The theme of the conference, which will be organized from March 17-19, is “75 Years of Independence: State of Higher Education in India”. More than 2,000 delegates from universities and colleges across the country are attending the conference to discuss issues and challenges facing higher education in the context of NEP 2020 implementation.

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