Prince Harry is treated like Meghan Markle’s third child

Experts have accused Prince Harry of treating his mother like Meghan Markle rather than his wife.

These confessions and complaints were shared by hosts Andrea Caamano and Emmy Griffiths.

Acceptances came during the interview HELLO THERE! The magazine’s proper royal podcast.

Ms Caamano began the story by talking to a friend who said: “The only thing I can take away from this is that Meghan has three children”, a sentiment the royal journalist “disagrees with”.

“He’s getting laughing gas, and that’s a red line for me. It’s just not funny.”

This perception echoes that of the prince himself, who once admitted: “Meg was very calm. I was calm too. I have seen two ways to increase peace. One is Nando’s chicken brought by our bodyguards. Two, a laughing gas at Meg’s bedside. I took a few slow penetrating hits.”

“When her contractions started getting stronger and deeper. A nurse came and tried to give Meg laughing gas, but there was no one left.

This led Mrs Caamano to consider Harry as ‘Meghan’s third child’.

“I wouldn’t admit it. To me, he’s like Meghan’s third child. I feel like she’s very immature at 38 and she shouldn’t be telling us this. I can live without knowing [about] those moments.”

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