Royal family’s Mother’s Day post is a ‘game changer’ for fans.

The royal family’s touching Mother’s Day post paid tribute to Queen Elizabeth II and shut down rumors of James Hewitt and Prince Harry’s alleged relationship.

The royal family celebrated Mother’s Day on Instagram with a heartwarming tribute to mothers everywhere, with a memorable baby photo of Charles with his mother.

A heartwarming photo of King Charles III and the late Queen has changed the minds of critics. For decades, nasty rumors have circulated that Prince Harry’s biological father, Princess Diana, had an affair with James Hewitt.

Aside from their ginger locks, it’s hard to see what other genetics Harry and James could share, but that’s hardly doused the flames of wild theory over the years.

“To all mothers and those who are missing their mothers today, we are thinking of you and wish you a special #Mother’s Day,” the post read.

In one of the paintings, Charles is standing on his mother’s lap with a full head of hair. The stunning picture has convinced doubters of Harry’s parentage as it looks like Charles’ second son Harry – something that still raises doubts, with one saying: ‘Has anyone noticed how much the royal looks like Harry in this picture? as a baby?”

“Of course! I’m one of them and this picture changed my mind forever,” added another.

A third user commented: “Beautiful photos. Side note, off topic. Prince Harry and his kids look a lot like King Charles.”

Others agreed with the similarity between the king and the prince. Royal fan: ‘Yes, Harry looks like Charles.’

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