“Tom Sandoval Gassed Ariana Madix”

“Tom Sandoval Gassed Ariana Madix”

Tom Sandoval’s ex-girlfriend Kristen Dutt says she never apologized to her ex-husband Ariana Madix after the incident.

when talking to Viall files podcast, Maddix, 40, gave a behind-the-scenes look after seeing Sandoval fooling around with co-star Raquel Leviss.

“He just hurt her. This is not a genuine apology,” Dutt added.

The reality star continued: “She said she never supported him, he didn’t approve of her,” adding: “She blamed him.”

Dut dated Sandoval from 2007 to 2014 and accused the 39-year-old of always making excuses despite their split.

“Obviously, it pissed him off, but when I filmed with him, he was crying and holding his phone and saying, ‘So he’s in a relationship of comfort and satisfaction,’ or something. Not love and romance. “

“He immediately bursts into tears and stares

– he continued on his phone. “So, these memories, these wonderful trips we took, these videos I have, these loving photos, all ********?”

However, Sandoval’s ex-girlfriend seems unimpressed by his past behavior: “It’s T for Tom.” that.

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