Viola Davis ‘was cool’ with an offer to play Michael Jordan’s mother in ‘Air’.

Viola Davis ‘was cool’ with an offer to play Michael Jordan’s mother in ‘Air’.

Woman King star Viola Davis has been cast as Deloris in Ben Affleck’s new film. Air.

The 57-year-old actress, who has a special respect for mothers, was overwhelmed when asked to play basketball legend Michael Jordan’s mother.

talk to The Hollywood Reporter “Mothers are the most important people in anyone’s life, so I was very happy and touched when Michael asked me to play his mother,” Davis said.

“I know Michael Jordan, but I didn’t know Deloris made this deal to get him a bigger stake in the shoes and in turn protect her son’s legacy. I wanted to know more about this woman who had the strength and courage to fight for her son’s worth. For Deloris to have that kind of insight and progressive attitude, to stand her ground in the negotiating room—which I know can be the hardest part of the job—makes her a wonderful woman. It made me fit for this project.”

Davis, whom Affleck called “the best actor I’ve ever seen” at the film’s premiere, also said:

“Deloris and my mother were born into a generation of people whose children dreamed. This is the height of Jim Crow. This is the height of black people saying their dreams don’t matter. For now, the fact that she has such a great view of her son and believes in him wholeheartedly is a wonderful thing. It was an honor to play Delorist.”

Ben Affleck has shown the world premiere of his new film Air Saturday at the South by Southwest Film and Television Festival in Austin. The film tells the story of Nike’s creation of the Air Jordan shoe line.

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